If you're in or around the Metropolitan Chicago Synod and are looking for a preacher or adult forum leader, consider me

While I'm between calls, I'm available to fill in while you or your pastor is gone. I'm also available to lead adult forum or community forum classes and discussion on the following topics and others:

  • The Actors are Come Hither: God's Promise of Vocation Given in Public Christian Worship -- A presentation on my dissertation;

  • It Still Shapes You: Worship Styles and Hearing God's Call;

  • Vocation: The Life of the Church -- as either a one-off overview or a series,

    • Pre-Reformation Ideas of Vocation (Early history and theology),

    • Reformation Rethinking of Vocation (Modern history and theology),

    • American Pragmatism and Vocation (Current history and theology),

    • A Lutheran Theology of Vocation (How this all applies to your everyday life),

    • Your Congregation and Vocation (How this all applies to the congregation),

    • Post-Colonial Vocation for Post-Modernity (How this all applies in culture);

  • Is That a Word?: What is Missional Church and Why It (Still) Matters;

  • An Evangelical Return: The Rise and Fall of the Emergent Church Movement and How Evangelicalism is Rediscovering the Liturgy;

  • And Then It was Worship: Framing Art in Worship for the Sake of the Congregation;

  • Becoming a Minority: The Reported Collapse of Modern American Christendom and Your Congregation;

  • Reading the Numbers: Theology and Sociology Together;

  • Playing Around: Unexpected Connections Between Corporate Worship and Board Games;

  • Use the Handbrake!: Slowing Your Thinking Down to Think God First;

  • Christian Prayer Traditions -- a multi-session class with one session presenting the idea of the practice or tradition and the second doing and reflecting on the practice or tradition, sessions can include: silence, lector divina, prayer beads, prayer labyrinth, free prayer, scripted prayer, etc.;

  • Theodicy: Why Does God Let Bad Things Happen to Good People?;

  • Pilate's Question: Truth and Scriptures;

  • Why We Die: A Theological Conversation;

and many more!

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