Christmas Day (III) ABC

The power and authority of Jesus, the incapacity of reason to believe, and the faith that justifies. What a set of topics, especially for Christmas!

Hebrews 1:1-4[5-12] 

Verse 3 is quoted in the  Formula of Concord , Solid Declaration, Article 8: The Person of Christ (SD 8.74) as reference to Jesus' power, who "has received all knowledge and all might, in fact and in truth."

John 1:1-14

While we're in SD 8, lets back up a bit and get verses 3 and 10, which are jointly referenced in SD 8.55 as citations showing Jesus' power and authority are "given to and imparted to the human Christ." Thus Jesus is both fully human and fully divine.

Verse 5 comes up twice in the Formula of Concord , Solid Declaration, Article 2: Free Will (SD 2.10, 12) and each time uses the alternate translation of "did not comprehend it" instead of "did not overcome it" to show, with other passages, that our intellect is trapped in darkness and cannot reason itself into faith.

Verses 12 and 13 are cited twice. First in the Apology of the Augsburg Confession, Article 4: Justification (AP 4.94) in a long block of scriptural citations showing that the faith that justifies is not a work, because we cannot justify ourselves to God with our works.

The second reference is an editorial insert in the Formula of Concord , Solid Declaration, Article 4: Good Works (SD 4.10) explaining Luther's understanding of Paul's argument in Romans, arguing that the justifying faith is not a work since works cannot save us.

Verse 14 is cited later in the Formula of Comcord , Solid Declaration in Article 7: Holy Supper (SD 7.36) with several other texts to argue both against transubstantiation and to clarify the belief that "the divine essence is not transformed into human nature, but that the two unaltered natures are personally united" in Jesus.


The mystery of God become human cannot be overemphasized, especially on Chriatmas Day. The one who made us and all things became human so that we might know our Creator's joy. To do this, God made being human part of the Trinity. 

Mind blown.