Christmas Eve (I) ABC

Nothing too profound, but Christmas Eve shouldn't need too much confessional explanation from the Lutheran perspective. Right? Just go to Luther's Christmas Book.

Titus 2:11-14

Verse 14 is quoted in the Apology of the Augsbrug Confession, Article 12: Repentance (AP 12.122) as a quote from the Confuatiation causing Melanchthon to go off on people who distort the Word of God. It's kind of fun to encouter Melanchthon going all Luther on someone, but I find nothing here is particularly preachable. It is, however, worth reminding ourselves to watch our logic and interpretation of scripture.

Luke 2:1-14[15-20] 

Verse 14 is connected to a quote in the Small Catechism Table Blessing of Psalm 145 as cited in an editor's footnote (SC n. 107) connecting "delight" and "pleasure." This is a helpful reminder that God's pleasure is creation's delight.


Christmas is about Christ. Watch your interpretation. Proclaim God's delight.