Lectionary 16 C

Some simple, one-shot ideas here. Although one of them might be fightin' words if we read it too closely.

Colossians 1:15-28

Verse 18 is cited in a footnote to Smalcald Articles, Part 2, Fourth Article (SA 2.4.1 n. 52) where it provides scriptural evidence, along with several verses from Ephesians, that the pope is not the head of the church.

Verses 22-23 are quoted in Formula of Concord, Solid Declaration, Article 5: Law and Gospel (SD 5.34) as one of several scriptural quotes wherein "Paul attributed to faith not only the access to grace but also the basis for our standing in grace... he attributes everything--the beginning, middle, and end--to faith alone" (SD 5.34).

Verse 27 is cited through editorial insert in Formula of Concord, Solid Declaration, Article 8: Person of Christ (SD 8.96) pointing to Paul's statement that Christ in us is a mystery and calling Christians to not get caught in the trap of figuring out the two natures of Christ and what all that might look like.


The two natures of Christ can indeed be a significant stumbling block for those who think faith is entirely and solely reasonable, so it's helpful that we are also reminded that the life of faith is entirely grace.

  • How do we attempt to place ourselves as head of the church in place of Jesus?
  • Where can we reasonably say that reason cannot answer this question?