The Marathon is Finished!

As of Advent 1 C, I’ve officially completed a TheoThru post for the bulk of the readings of the Revised Common Lectionary! Now, as I go back to review, edit, and complete this project, there will be fewer posts here. I do plan on posting a link to the coming lectionary readings on social media, but I’ve also updated this site. There is now a search option in the menu where you can look for particular lectionary weeks or readings. I’ll be adjusting this page to make it more useful.

So what will come of this site? Well, I’ll still have the occasional set of readings to post from when I took vacation or skipped the minor festivals, so those will appear as they come around again—for example, I did the work for the Thanksgiving (USA) B readings, but didn’t post it. Other than that, I’ll go back to occasional musings and reminders. For example, the next post will be a standalone post about the rose candle of Advent—a discussion which comes up every year in congregations where they have one pink candle on the Advent wreath.

Until then, peace!