Lectionary 30 B

Those looking for the Reformation Sunday texts should follow this link. If you’re doing the non-festival texts, then there’s only a passing reference to deal with.

Hebrews 7:23-28

Chapters 7 thru 9 are cited in passing in Apology of the Augsburg Confession, Article 13: The Number and Use of the Sacraments (AP 13.10) to show where the argument that the priests of Christianity are not the same as the Levitical priesthood.


Jesus’ once for all sacrifice is uniquely powerful. Since he doesn’t have to offer sacrifice for his own sins before he offers sacrifice for the sins of others, his one sacrifice covers the sins of all. If this were not the case, then priests and pastors would first have to offer sacrifice for their sins before presiding at communion. Since we are not re-sacrificing Jesus in communion, however, the forgiveness of sins he gives us makes the sacrament efficacious and not the purity of the priest or pastor presiding.

Our hearts cry to Jesus for mercy with Bartimaeus, and just like with Bartimaeus, Jesus sends us, healed and restored by faith into the world. Do we still earnestly cry out for Jesus’ mercy, or do we listen to those voices who tell us to be quiet? Jesus’ sacrifice is such a powerful gift that is so easily overlooked, yet in him there is true joy and purpose.