All Saints B

Just two citations from one verse, but this is a quick outline for our hope of life in Christ.

Isaiah 25:6-9

...he will swallow up death forever.
-- Isaiah 25:8a

The first line of verse 8 is footnoted twice in The Large Catechism, both making the same reference to death being swallowed up. The first citation is near the end of The Second Part: The Creed, The Second Article (LC 2.31, n. 134) noting that Jesus is the one who does this. The second citation is in The Fourth Part: Concerning Baptism (LC 4.43, n. 207) to show that our death is also swallowed up by Jesus in our baptism into Jesus' death.


Jesus has conquered death. Through baptism, God gives us a place in Jesus’ victory. These two thoughts are our hope for our loved ones who have died. In Jesus, death is not the end of life, love, or relationship. These two thoughts are also the hope for we who still walk by faith. In Jesus, the fear of death need no longer be a primary motivation in our lives.