Using Which Use

​​One of the classic Lutheran debates is the number of uses of the law. Rather than try to weigh in on that topic, I want to show that the connection between vocation and worship does not send Christians into the third use (if there is one), but instead sends us back into the first use. But for the sake of clarity and the argument below, I should take a moment and clarify what these uses are.

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A Public Dosado

​Public discourse in the United States has changed significantly in recent history. I've written on the fact-value split of Modernity before, but the current public discourse around the U.S. Supreme Court's hearings on Defense of Marriage Act and Proposition 8 have attuned me to a significant change in the conversation. SInce this is one of the most heated conversations of our day, I have to spend some time setting the stage so I can point to this change. So bow to your partner... Allemande left... And dosado...

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How Do You Get To Carnegie Hall?

Given my mini-rant against self-chosen Lenten disciplines, I should probably spend some time doing what will seem like talking out of the other side of my mouth and reflect on practices. They are, after all, both how our communities are created and identified, and also how we are formed and equipped to live in the world. And of course... well... Do I really have to type it!?Read More