In Defense of Church Absenteeism

‚ÄčThis will break the line of thought I've been developing, but in an effort to get some interblog conversation going, I want to respond to a blog post from a colleague. Click here to read it. I would normally do this in the comments section of his blog, but given what will be my rambling response to his reasonable thought, I need more room. Of late, I've experienced several people, often pastors, complaining about lack of attendance at church. I give Frank credit for looking to some reason rather than just venting, but I think we as church need to look harder at both ourselves and the changing culture of the United States.

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How Do You Get To Carnegie Hall?

Given my mini-rant against self-chosen Lenten disciplines, I should probably spend some time doing what will seem like talking out of the other side of my mouth and reflect on practices. They are, after all, both how our communities are created and identified, and also how we are formed and equipped to live in the world. And of course... well... Do I really have to type it!?Read More